CVs & cover letters

Please see the template CV attached to follow for ideas. You should take care to stamp your own individuality on your CV (do NOT copy it word for word) PLEASE USE AS A GUIDE ONLY.

Although on this CV it says 'excellent communication skills', you are better giving examples than writing things like this eg good timekeeper, can work in a team - don't write it, prove it!

- Contact details, make sure you have your name, your home and term address, email, telephone number and twitter clearly at the top

- Your CV should stretch over no more than two pages, everything on the front page needs to be journalism (or relevant to the job you are applying to) school education etc can go on the back
- You should start with your relevant most recent journalism experience
- If you have no newsroom experience yet, use coursework experience, particularly patch work, think of all the skills you already have
- Stress your multimedia abilities/social media, packages and equipment you can use

- use links to work you have published/uploaded
- Use concrete examples and write short paragraphs or bullet points - not long sentences
- In the 'Skills' section, put the technical skills appropriate to journalism at the top
- If you are studying NCTJ exams or have shorthand include this in your skills
- Say your course is accredited by the relevant body
BA Journalism Studies is accredited by the NCTJ and PPA
PgDip/MA Journalism is accredited by the NCTJ
PgDip/MA Broadcast Journalism is accredited by the BJTC

PgDip/MA Magazine Journalism is accredited by the PPA

- Adapt your CV to the organisation or institution you are writing to and make it relevant to the job or course you are applying for
- Sell yourself - think about the skills the recruiter is asking for and make sure you provide evidence of them through your course, work experience or leisure pursuits
- Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Poor spelling can be the quickest way to get your CV into the rejection pile

- Consider presentation - google CV layouts for ideas - stick to one colour and easy to read
- Hold your CV at arms length. Is it clear and well laid out and does it have a structure that is easy for the recruiter to follow?

- Will your CV stand out in a pile of 50 other CVs

- PDF your CV before you send it out

There is also lots of useful CV and application advice on the careers website here:

Other useful links

If you would like a meeting with me to go through your CV please get in touch.